Our philosophy



Our mission is to create a strong company for the production of quality wines that deserve of being named "CASPİAN COAST WINERY&VINEYARDS". Our aim is the revival of our fathers and grandfathers traditions. Their tireless work contributed a lot into the development of wine culture in Azerbaijan and invested it in their souls. From generation to generation, they pass us the secrets of this difficult task, and our mission is to preserve and enhance this wealth. .


Azerbaijan grapes, grape juice and wine sorbets, with their delicate bouquets brought pleasure and joy, decorated the celebrations and rich feast, inspired by the great poets. Our philosophy is based on an understanding of this tradition.


Vine grown in the Hamya valley, brings happiness, and the wine made of this vine gives joy.


Rejoice and give joy - that's our aim, which the company clearly sees and makes every effort to achieve it.

Rejoice and give joy!